Tuesday, January 29, 2008

20 questions (part 3)

First, some comments on your comments: 1) Tony Lucca is indeed terrific. And he's buddy-buddy with Sara and Stacy's friend Aletha (sort of). And he went out with Felicity; 2) Friday Night Lights is indeed terrific. Better than the movie, and that almost never happens; and 3) Unless it's my wedding, Joe singing is never a highlight of anything.

On to #11-15.

11. Did you always want to teach high school English?
Nope. At some point in my life, I aspired to be each of the following (in no particular order): lawyer, rodeo cowboy, sports reporter, baseball player, novelist, guy who changes the scores on the scoreboard at Fenway Park, minister, elementary school teacher, principal, researcher at a sports network like ESPN, policeman, Taco Bell employee, doctor.

It was during my senior year of high school, when I had Jeff Brower for AP English, that I decided I wanted to teach high school English. Because I love sports, I decided to also be involved in coaching. And here I am.

12. So is this your perfect job?
Well, no. I mean, it's awesome. And at this point, it's probably my perfect realistic job (although I'd like to be in Woodstock at some point). But in a perfect world, I'd be a college basketball coach and a writer. I could stay home and write in the mornings, then do basketball preparation, etc. in the afternoons and evenings. That would be my perfect job.

13. Did you know that if Taylor Swift was driving across country and could only have one CD in her car, she would pick Pyromania, by Def Leppard?
I did know that. And I find it fascinating.

14. If you could play poker with any four living people, whom would you choose?
The honest answer probably involves my family, but I know that's not the point of the question, so I'll go with Bill Simmons, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Samuel L. Jackson. That's kind of random, but I'd bet it'd be fun.

15. Why did you use "whom" in the previous question?
Because "whom" is objective (it serves as an object), and "who" is subjective (it serves as a subject). So in that sentence--whom would you choose?--the subject is "you" and the verb is "choose"--"whom" is the direct OBJECT. Therefore, objective case. If the question had been, Who would choose you?, then the object would have been "you" and "who" would have been the SUBJECT. Therefore, subjective case.

Later gators.


The Smith's said...

deal me in on that poker game

I heart freaks and geeks and undeclared

i'm going to add a link to you on my blog which is not nearly as funny but has more pictures....

Stacy said...

1. Aletha would love that you said she was buddy buddy with Tony. I did talk to him when I saw him play, so we're pretty close, too.

2. Jonah Hill is totally on my list for any and all "four people you'd like to ..." with.

3. You should totally switch jobs and work in the rodeo. I'd come watch.