Thursday, February 28, 2008

by the way, we'll be 50

So as you probably know, I'm a big fan of games. Sports, boardgames, roadtrip games--any kind of game, really. And I came up with a great one the other night at Noodles & Company with Sara and Charlie. Here's the premise: Imagine Charlie and his friends in 25 years (so basically, when they're our age). What will their favorite movies be? Their favorite songs? Their favorite soups? Now, on this particular night, we used Charlie and his four closest friends in Woodstock: Grace, Hunter, Katelyn, and Siena. For example:

If Charlie, Grace, Hunter, Katelyn, and Siena were going out for dinner, what would they eat?
The answer to this one is pretty obvious. Siena would have something fancy like Safron Risotto with Cerignola Olives. Katelyn would get a house salad with the dressing on the side. Hunter would get Italian Three-Cheese Macaroni. And Charlie and Grace would split a plate of wings. No brainer.

If Charlie, Grace, Hunter, Katelyn, and Siena wanted to rent a movie, what would they want to rent?
Siena would opt for some foreign film with subtitles. Katelyn would go for a romantic comedy--possibly Sleepless in Seattle. Hunter will be a Harry Potter fan, so he'll vote for a Harry Potter marathon. Knowing her background, I'm going with Sideways for Grace. And Charlie will be a Caddyshack guy.

If Charlie, Grace, Hunter, Katelyn, and Siena were going to a concert, what concert would they want to go to?
Siena: Joni Mitchell. Katelyn: I say Justin Timberlake; my wife says Third Day. Hunter: the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Grace: Bon Jovi. Charlie: Uncle Sam!

What colleges or universities will Charlie, Grace, Hunter, Katelyn, and Siena attend?
Siena and Katelyn will be roommates at Princeton. Hunter will go to U of I (obviously). Grace will bypass college to join the Joffrey Ballet. Charlie will go to ECC, and there's nothing wrong with that.

What will Charlie, Grace, Hunter, Katelyn, and Siena do for a living?
Siena will be the President. Katelyn will be the new host of Divine Design on HGTV. Hunter will direct the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem. Grace will be a CEO with a Fortune 500 company. And Charlie will teach high school social studies and coach basketball. And I bet he'll be awesome at it.

Later gators.


Sara said...

And, I'm sure that Charlie's wings come with ketchup and are all-you-can-eat... and, Caddyshack - yuck.

Stacy said...

Charlie isn't going to ECC, he's going to Manchester!!!!! He has two "future Manchester grad" t-shirts to prove it.

The Smith's said...

Mmmmm.... Noodles & Company. That's all I could think about for that entire post...