Thursday, November 1, 2007

joe on rollerblades

I'm actually kind of consumed by other things at the moment, so I will share three quick thoughts:

1. Okay, look. I'm writing what I feel like writing here, and if that occasionally includes things like NBA predictions that you aren't interested in, feel free not to read them. Also, feel free not to make snarky comments about them. By all means.

2. Tomorrow, we will be back to substantial posts with a short story that I've been working on. Joe, you seemed most offended by my basketball post (which you called "gross"), but I believe that the story is right in your wheelhouse.

3. Speaking of Joe, I had a dream last night in which Joe and I were in a carful of otherwise faceless people, traveling down a windy, hilly road. Out of nowhere, Joe says, "Screw this," and jumps out of the car. Moments later, he flies past us on rollerblades, weaving in and out of traffic and pulling way ahead of us. We watch as he jumps over cars that swerve in his direction, does a forward roll into the field on the side of the road before recovering and gliding back onto the road, and performs various other phenomenal stunts. A few minutes later (and a few minutes after Joe), we arrive at a picnic shelter where our father is grilling burgers with Steve Carell. No joke.

Later gators.


joeb said...

sorry 'bout that "gross" comment, mr. baker. i thought i was being funny, didnt mean to offend.

and steve carrell always makes a mean bratwurst.

Stacy said...

I also apologize for my snarkiness. In my defense, I believe you would have had a similar reaction had I written a blog about who I thought was going to win America's Next Top Model.

In your dream, did you also do karoke (spell?)? "Islands in the stream...that is what you are...."