Monday, April 21, 2008

how much do your teachers hate you?

I am secure, and because I am secure I can admit the following: One of the most positive memories of my high school career involves a night that I spent with a few friends (mixed company--roughly half guys and half girls) taking tests from back issues of Cosmo/Teen/etc. Not only did we have a blast, but I learned just how big a flirt I really am.

At any rate, now I'm a teacher and I've decided to combine my two passions--teaching and teen magazine quizzes--into a blog entry titled "how much do your teachers hate you?" If you are interested in the answer to this question, just take the following quiz and add up your score (point values for each response are in parentheses at the end). Here goes...

1. How often do you ask your teacher if you can borrow a pencil?
a) Never. (10)
b) Usually once or twice a week. (1)
c) As far as I know, I don't own any pencils. (0)

2. How often do you leave class to go to the bathroom?
a) Never. I go between classes. (10)
b) Only in an emergency. (5)
c) Every time I get bored. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. (0)

3. When you work in groups, your group is most likely to be the one that...
a) calls the teacher over to ask whether the shift from 1st-person to 3rd-person point of view on page 61 is supposed to suggest that the narrator feels ostracized from the group. (10)
b) has to frequently be reminded that "you've got work to do." (1)
c) doesn't even know where to start. Am I supposed to have heard these names somewhere before? (0)

4. How often do you lie?
a) Never. (10)
b) When I think that the truth will negatively affect my grade. (1)
c) A lot. I enjoy lying. It keeps me from getting bored in class. (0)

5. How often do you ask your teacher if you can watch a movie in class?
a) I hate it when we watch movies. We're losing out on an opportunity to learn. (10)
b) Almost never, but if he/she wants to throw in The Breakfast Club, fine by me. (5)
c) Every day. I even brought in 300. God I hate school. (0)

6. Fill in the blank: I miss school _____.
a) only in emergencies. (10)
b) occasionally. (3)
c) at every possible opportunity. (0)

7. When your teacher hands you back a paper, what do you do?
a) Examine the comments and notes closely so as to avoid those mistakes in the future. (10)
b) Check the score. If it's not to my liking, I try to figure out how I can get him/her to change it. (1)
c) Drop it in the garbage on the way out. (0)

8. Fill in the blank: During a lecture, I typically _____.
a) listen, take notes, and ask questions when I have them. (10)
b) listen quietly with my notebook open. If he/she writes something on the board, I'll write it down. (5)
c) sleep. (0)

9. How often do you ask for an extension?
a) Never. That's why God invented due dates. (10)
b) I did it once because my grandma died. Seriously. (7)
c) Every time, and it almost always works too. Suckers. (0)

10. How often do you come late to class?
a) Never. That's why God invented passing periods. (10)
b) Once in a while, but I always have a pass. (3)
c) Constantly. I hate class. (0)

11. Fill in the blank: Class is over when _____.
a) The teacher dismisses us. (10)
b) The bell rings. (5)
c) I say it's over. (0)

12. When you see your teacher in the hallways outside of class, which of the following are you most likely to say?
a) "Hey, Mr. Smith. You see that Brewer game last night? Gallardo's coming along." (10)
b) "..." (head down, walking faster, hoping she won't see me...) (1)
c) "What are you lookin' at?" (0)

Okay, add 'em up.

81-120...Your teachers like you. You are basically a positive influence on the classroom climate, and that's all they are looking for. Now tell that jackass sitting next to you to sit up straight.

31-80...Your teachers tolerate you. You seem indifferent toward school, and that's irritating. You're probably not making the class any worse, but you're not making it any better either. Now sit up straight.

0-30...Your teachers hate you. They're just trying to do their jobs, and you're making it more difficult. Knock it off. Now go to the office.

Later gators.


The Ben Show said...

Yes, I KNEW my teachers like me! But then again, why wouldn't they? I'm delightful. And I only have a moderately small bladder.

Stacy said...

Is anyone who reads this blog a student?

Maybe you should make a quiz about how much students irritate teachers. For example, I just got an email addressed to "Mrs. Erickson" asking if I could write a letter of recommendation by tomorrow. Um, no.

trmptr-15 said...

ok... i got a medium score :D 72. And yes, stacy. I am a student. And no, i would never do that to anyone. Unless it was an emergency... But then again, many teachers have the same letter, but just change the student's name in it.. SO it depends :)